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Order of the Eastern Star:Ladies auxiliary of free masonry
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/30/2013 Hits : 1521)
The OES was founded in 1868 as a women's auxiliary for the Lodge. It is open to all female relatives of Masons, and functions under the authority of the Lodge. A Master Mason, called the Worthy Patron MUST be present at all Star meetings. There is also another Mason, an Associate Patron, usually present. Otherwise, all the offices are held by women. ...

There is a Fountain Filled with Blood story
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 5/26/2012 Hits : 1471)
This isn't a story about William Cowper (the writer of There is a Fountain) but a story involving this classic hymn of faith!

Christ or the Lodge? A Report on Freemasonry
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 5/7/2013 Hits : 1458)
Here is a well laid out report by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Even though I cannot agree with many of their teachings, they too can agree masonry is not compatible with Christianity. They point out that it is indeed another religion.

Masonic Trinity
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/29/2013 Hits : 1443)
So do you believe that satan is the father of all lies and counterfeits? In other pagan religions there is a trinity, guess who else has their very own copy from hell.....

Halloween or rather Helloween
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/20/2011 Hits : 1373)
Halloween has never been a Christian holiday, and it has no place in the life of a born again Believer in JESUS CHRIST. In fact, it is an abomination to God, and we should take our stand firmly against it. As we look at its history, we find that its roots go deep into heathenism, paganism, satanism and the occult; and its modern expression is no better.

Abortion Industry Contributes to Vaccines
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/20/2011 Hits : 1365)
Most parents are not aware that the particular abortions which contribute the fetal tissue parts for vaccine manufacturing, were actually intended for vaccine manufacturing.

Wurde Jesus von seinen Händen oder Handgelenk ans Kreuz genagelt?
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/19/2016 Hits : 1356)
Wurde Jesus von seinen Händen oder Handgelenk ans Kreuz genagelt?

Satanism In The Vatican
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/15/2011 Hits : 1327)
The Catholic religion often calls herself the "Mother Church." She's NOT the mother of Christ's church! By calling herself "mother" she is telling on herself. Is this the abomination spoken of in the Scriptures?

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