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Baal Worship and Steeples
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/10/2011 Hits : 1630)
Please understand, that the steeple upon the roof of your church is an open declaration that the ROMAN BEAST has infiltrated your church, and your church leaders proclaim their acceptance of this filtration by placing the vulgar phallic symbol upon YOUR church roof!

Roman Catholicism's Nazi History Exposed
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 9/18/2011 Hits : 1624)
Hitler's "Christianity" was the Great Mother of Harlots, CATHOLICISM, NOT the Christianity taught in the King James Bible.

Memorize The New Testament in just 5 Years
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 11/21/2011 Hits : 1602)
This is a well laid out plan so you can commit the ENTIRE New Testament to memory!

Altar Calls: Biblical or Man Made Doctrine
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/30/2014 Hits : 1594)
Immediately following the sermon the congregation will sing a hymn during which the preacher calls men and women to walk to the front of the auditorium (the "altar") to make a public decision to "accept Christ."

Why Would a Pastor Condone or or Defend Freemasonry
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 12/24/2011 Hits : 1545)
In John, Chapter 10, Jesus speaks of pastors who care for the flock. The good shepherd will lay down his life for the flock when it comes under attack. Jesus explained that some who appear to be shepherds run when wolves appear. They are not shepherds, but rather hirelings. In these days, we see another type of pastor standing in pulpits across the country......

Feminism is Evil
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/13/2011 Hits : 1505)
I'm not going to sugarcoat this article in an attempt not to offend anyone. Feminism is rebellion against God's AUTHORITY! I don't know where the term "feminazi" originated, but it accurately describes the Feminist Movement.

A Look Into Hell
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/13/2011 Hits : 1481)
Perhaps you say "I don't believe that nonsense about hell." Read Revelation 21:8 again and you'll find the word "unbelieving." if you don't believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you, then you will burn for all eternity in the Lake of Fire someday.

¿Fue Jesús clavado en la Cruz por sus manos o pies?
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/14/2016 Hits : 1467)
¿Fue Jesús clavado en la Cruz por sus manos o pies?

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