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Abortion Industry Contributes to Vaccines
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/20/2011 Hits : 1262)
Most parents are not aware that the particular abortions which contribute the fetal tissue parts for vaccine manufacturing, were actually intended for vaccine manufacturing.

Christ or the Lodge? A Report on Freemasonry
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 5/7/2013 Hits : 1245)
Here is a well laid out report by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Even though I cannot agree with many of their teachings, they too can agree masonry is not compatible with Christianity. They point out that it is indeed another religion.

Harry Potter Christians
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/2/2011 Hits : 1220)
It is sad and unfortunate that any Christian or Christian organization would endorse such an evil invention as Harry Potter. The Bible clearly condemn any type of involvement with the wicked works of witchcraft. I was sad to learn from one of my web visitors that Christianity Today magazine was endorsing Harry Potter.

Masonic baptism
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 11/16/2011 Hits : 1218)
Most professing Christians who are members of the Masonic Order have no idea that what actually transpires during the Hiramic Legend of the Master Mason degree is the new member’s baptism into the religion of Freemasonry.

The King of kings' Bible
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 9/20/2011 Hits : 1202)
The Old Covenant, New Covenant and holy koran. Here is a lie published by a little man hoping to muddy up God's Word with his own! FILTHY!

The Rosary... DAMNABLE!
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/23/2011 Hits : 1198)
The rosary is a damnable heresy, nowhere taught in the Word of God

Infant Baptism
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/24/2011 Hits : 1192)
Infant baptism is not a Scriptural doctrine. It is not found in the Bible. There is not one example in the Bible of one single baby being baptized. We will show that baby baptism is of pagan origin.

Satanism In The Vatican
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/15/2011 Hits : 1190)
The Catholic religion often calls herself the "Mother Church." She's NOT the mother of Christ's church! By calling herself "mother" she is telling on herself. Is this the abomination spoken of in the Scriptures?

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