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 Documentaries: Public School ( 1 download - 1 page)

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Submitted by: Patrick
(Added: 6/21/2017    Downloaded:0 )

Calling Christians out of the public schools

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Blood Money, The Business of Abortion

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The Silent Scream

Where There Is No Doctor
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The original English version of this book was produced in 1977 as a revised translation of the Spanish edition, Donde no hay doctor. Hesperian encourages others to copy, reproduce, or adapt to meet local needs, any or all parts of this book.

The Poisoned Needle
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The purpose of this volume is to provide a working reference of various statements regarding vaccination and not to offer a "cure" of any specific disease in any specific individual.

Murder by Injection
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Murder by Injection 1988

Blacks Law Dictionary
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Blacks Law Dictionary

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