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christ-mass, christimas, xmas and what is it really?
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/10/2011 Hits : 2941)
While it may have dawned on you previously that Jesus and santa didn’t go to the same church, Christ-mass is and will always be considered a "Christian" holiday. Many people attend church on Christ-mass, and think December 25 signifies the birth of the savior, but what all are they willingly ignorant or rebellious of?

Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/29/2013 Hits : 2760)
While many Masons know about the Masonic affiliation of Brother George Washington, thirteen other Presidents have also been Masons. These fourteen Masonic Presidents span the history of the United States from George Washington to Gerald Ford. February and Presidents’ Day offers the opportunity for Masons to recognize the contributions of these Brothers to their country.

The Peace Sign and Satanism
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/10/2011 Hits : 2365)
The peace symbol (also called the "broken cross," "crow's foot," "witch's foot," "Nero Cross," "sign of the 'broken Jew,'" and the "symbol of the 'anti-Christ''') is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the "gesture of despair," and the death of man.''


Freemasonry explained
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/28/2013 Hits : 2043)
Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity -- an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect ... it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate and yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible.....

So lets have a peak then....

Luther’s Lie of Deceit — Infant baptism
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/24/2011 Hits : 2040)
Due to the many questions concerning Luther’s teaching that infants are to be baptized, as projected in his Large and Small Catechisms; his philosophy deserves an answer from the Word of God. These questions come from sincere people who, from a child, have been raised and indoctrinated in the catechism of Luther’s philosophy.

So do you think this is the heaven of the Bible¿
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/23/2013 Hits : 1873)
Moshay says that one way to understand a god is to examine his heaven. News reports describe the hopes of the terrorists that their martyrdom would gain them immediate entrance to "paradise" where rivers of wine and harems of virgins awaited.

Abortion or rather Baby Murder
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/20/2011 Hits : 1822)
It's hard to imagine a man so insane that he would murder thousands of children simply because he didn't get his way (i.e., the 3 wise men didn't return). Tragically, doctors today are just as evil, murdering tens-of-millions of babies for no legitimate reason. It's hard to imagine mothers today murdering their children simply for convenience' sake.

Jesus Christ is God almighty. The God Man
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/24/2014 Hits : 1747)
Proof from both Old and New Testaments that the Lord Jesus Christ was God Almighty manifest in the flesh of a man

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